Business Hours

Cycle International School runs monday to friday and has schedules its full-time and partial-time.

Nursery –  7am to 7pm
Kindergarten – 7am to 7pm
Elementary School – 7am to 7pm

Attendance of some departaments of the school works in different times. Below you can check the times and emails to into contact:

School secretary – 8:30am to 5:30pm [email protected]
Coordination – 8am to 7pm [email protected] / [email protected]
Financial – 8am to 6pm [email protected]
Nutrition – 7am to 5pm [email protected]
Supplies – 8am to 6pm [email protected]

Meet a of the best private school in Santo André – Cycle School.


das Palmeiras, street, 308 - Jardim Neighborhood - Santo André/SP


Monday to Friday
7am30 - 5pm30

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