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The methodology grounded in the following choices:

– Teaching for Diversity, founded by the social interactionist methodology.
– Training focused on human universal values
– Learning by experience
– Multiple intelligences
– Pillars of education for the twenty-first century (learning to know, learning to know, learning to do, learning to be)


I chose the Cycle because of its bilinguism and this is fundamental for childrens learn a second language in natural way. I like very much of Cycle because of its teaching is more humanized than consumerist. Here my son has a well maintained and planned ambience for small childrens. My son loves this school and i’m passionate about the way the childs are trated looks like a big family.” – Camila Gennaro

I just had wonderful moments at school and it brings me beautiful memories. Super recommend everything on Cycle! Lot of Laura I owe Cycle!” – Flavia Souza

Absolutelly is no other school that compares to Cycle on ABC. It’s simply the best! A healthy ambience where childrens learn form experience, with affection, with happiness, with involvement. They learn by playing, they are always smiling and when we ask them what they think of Cycle, the answer is unanimous: I love Cycle! Professionals with a lot of dedication conquer even the childs, who learn naturally, with respect, with love. And I love everything in this school.” – Eliana Perra Li

I like Cycle because childrens learn by playing, exploring, discovering, singing, dancing, painting, interacting. Here the childrens are heard!” – rcia Angelita Martos Georgetti

Excellent school. The method of teaching english is very efficient and the evolution of children is clear.” – Fernando Puccia

Multiple Intelligences

The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Howard Gardner is an alternative to the concept of intelligence as an innate ability, general and unique, which allows individuals to higher performance or lower in any area. Gardner points out that all have varying degrees of each of the intelligences and different ways in which they combine, organize and utilize these intellectual abilities to solve problems and create products. Although these brains are to some extent independent of each other, they seldom operate in isolation.

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Rua das Palmeiras, 308 - Bairro Jardim - Santo André / SP


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7h30 - 17h30

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(11) 49436-9695

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