The Cycle International School has three teaching segments: nursey, kindergarten and elementary school. See a little more about the proposal of our segments.

Nursery in Cycle International School

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The nursery of Cycle is a safe place and capable of ensuring cognitive, affective, motor and social development. In this segment we provide a learning and care ambience.

We recognize the child as an entire being and establish a relationship of trust, that you feel comfortable and secure in this ambience.

The curriculum presents learning experiences that are fundamental to the childs development, taking into account the main achievements of this period, such as the march, the language, the formation of symbolic thinking and sociability.

The space is designed to attend the specificities of education for this age group and the pedagogical work consists in the stimulation, positioning of the professionals as the interactions and mediations with and between and the babies.

Playing is always present, that the child uses his own resources to explore the world, to increase his perception about the ambience and about himself , to organize the thought and to work affections and sensitives.

Offering differten materials that babies can expand the capacity of expression, exploration and knowledge of the world.

Encouraging the pleasure and like of reading since that age. Babies listen stories daily and have access to age appropriate books.

Child Education

In child education we focus on immersion in the english language and learning from experience.

Considerate childrens understand the world through play, we provide moments of free and mediated play. At these times childrens learn to relate, to share, to resolve their conflicts and to represent the world around them.

We offer structured toys, which are industrialized and unstructured (boxes, bottles and caps) in which childrens have the possibility to reinvent new possibilities.

Aiming at boosting creativity and child curiosity, we have in our proposal the day of fantasy and the toy, in which parents mobilize themselves in the construction of fantasies and in the sending of materials that become toys at school.

We invest in family participation in school. Every wednesday one dad, one mom or representant of family tell stories to the students.

Taking into account learning from experience, a brand of our school, students are the protagonists of their learning process and carry out significant research and discoveries on the most differents topics. In this case, the teacher assumes the role of mediator of the new knowledge.

Human values and principles also guide pedagogical work of Cycle, an example of which is celebrating birthdays. Students are involved in preparing their own cake and understand that they are participating in important moments in each other live.

In this ambience that we let ourselves be immersed in the english language, learning happens naturally and simultaneously the native language. We believe that bilingual education values and respects other linguistic and cultural groups, in doing, we recognize the importance of multiculturalism, considering the traditions and festivities present in Brazil and the North American countries. The teachers has a role in mediating and proposing new ways to play.

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