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Transferência de escola

The decision to transfer a child from school is never easy, parents prioritize the child well-being always think about the relationship that the children has developed with other childrens, the brotherhood that has formed with the teacher, the teaching methodology proposed by the school, and a number of other factors considered important. However, when changing child education is inevitable, we need to carefully evalutate the next school in which the child will be enrolled that it will not suffer any loss educational and emotional.

The school transfer in child education is very serious, since it is this stage that the children is beginning to form his personality and intellect and is starting to be presented to the universe of knowledge and learning. In this phase can not be abruptly interrupeted, much less retroacted for reasons of school transfer. Parents need to evalutate all these details and see in the next school will meet those requirements.

Why do you a transfer from school to Cycle?

Our school follows the same precepts of parents: the child must be in the first place. As the mother and father, who wants and seeks the best for their childrens, we of Cycle School, work with what is best in child education. Our teaching methodology allows the child who pass through a transference in child education, naturally follow the class, without being impaired in their learning process. We of Cycle also propose bilingual education, which is a great differential and very efficient when introduced during childhood.

What's Cycle methodology?

The childrens who comes from a school transfer quickly integrates our teaching methodology, this is because we work with teaching methods, which, although extremely deep, are simple and above all human.

Our methodological proposal is based on the following choices: teaching for diversity (reasoned on the socio-interactionist methodology); human formation focused on universal values; learn from experience; pillars of education for the XXI century (learning to know, to have, to do and to be) and multiple intelligences, where the concept of intelligences is seen as an innate, general and unique capacity that allows individuals to perform higher or lower, is any are of activity.

Transferência escolar transferência de escola

How importance is it to study english in childhood?

In atual days, knowing english is as important as knowing a native language. Even for a child who comes from a change is kindergarten, which had previously had no contact with the english language, the insertion of the language is possible and very easy to be absorbed. Studying english as a child is the best time to become fluent and have mastery over what we can call universal language. Learning a second language during childhood gives the children the opportunity to star becoming familiar with the new language, and also generates benefits that will have a very positive impact on future.

What're the benefits of studiyng at Cycle?

Believe that school transfer on child education is a delicate proccess for the childrens. therefore, our concern is not only about education and learning, we also take care to welcome our students and familiarize them with ambience and peoples, both our team members and classmates. We see the school transfer as a transition stage where the child will need support, adaptation and news. That’s where our teaching methodology comes in and the insertion of bilingual education.

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