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Cycle School is in the first places of the list of privates schools in Santo André and is one of the best privates schools in Santo André which has the method Going Google provides an interactive and fun ambience to study that develops to the maximum all areas to childrens. Cycles has always had a proposal to be an innovative kindergarten in Santo André and a reference in the education sector. Know more about Cycle and our methodology.

Cycle School is Private School in Santo André with a different and innovative proposal for teaching of childrens. Cycle are the first school in the ABC Paulista and the first kindergarten in Santo André to adopt the Going Google teaching methodology, which unites the maximum of innovation within the classroom, with unique teaching methodologies. Cycle are considered one of the best privates schools in Santo André

Through our methodology dedicated to learning from experience, Cycle hold Hangouts with others schools around the world, we’ve virtual tours that take our students to various historical points and an interactivity never seen in any Privates Colleges in Santo André.

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das Palmeiras, street, 308 - Jardim Neighborhood - Santo André / SP


Monday to Friday
7am30 - 5pm30

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