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Our objective is to enhance the bilingual education in the english language, our Santo André kindergarten increases the exposure of the english language to the students, encouraging a quality teaching!

We are a the best privates school in Santo André in child education category, we are reference of kindergarten and education in Santo André, where we prepare our students to the future, combining technology and new innovatives methodologies of teaching for a kindergarten in Santo André. We encourage our students to make their own discoveries, whether in the physical ambience or through the internet, to see that there is a world of knowledge to be explored further to drawings and games.

We the kindergarten in Santo André care about the welfare of all our students and contact with parents. We have spaces where parents and your childres can make video calls. The school meetings can also follow the same system, allowing plenty of flexibility and tranquility for parents.

We are bilingual school in Santo André and we always seek the maximum of educational innovation to prepare and enable all our students to discover the world and face new experiences and challenges with creativity and determination.

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Top privates schools in Santo André

Santo André is a the best cities in terms of education, receiving many highlights in the ENEM and in the child education.

There are currently many privates schools in Santo André, but only Cycle School has the same methodology, tools and is still bilingual. Only Cycle occupies this place in the quality of teaching and offers a complete, quality teaching, willing to see the childs growing and developing in life.

That is Cycle School is considered a reference Santo André school.

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