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The Cycle International School has a nursery with a complete infrastructure and trained professionals who provide the best experiences for the development of the childrens from early. Here the childrens perform activities for nursery that stimulate the learning and coordination with ideal toys for the age group.

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At Cycle, we also have the nursery segment. The nursery is safe ambience and ensure the affective, cognitive, motor and social development.

A most nurseries in Santo André is located in Cycle Bilingual Kindergarten.

We want the childrens to feel comfortable about the trust. that are safe and comfortable in the ambience with our teachers.

We work the development of the child with fundamental learning for their knowledge and experience. Taking as their experiences theis actions of this period, as the language, gear, formation of thought and sociability.

The space for the nursery ambience in Santo André, was designed specially for this age group. The pedagogical work is also focused on stimulation, professional positoning and sociabilty.

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We always provide the best for the child so that they always use their own resources to explore their entire ambience. Expand the perception and organize the thoughts, affections and sensitives.

Furthermore, Cycle, a nursery in Santo André, offers a variety of toys and supplies to babies to increase their ability to explore, express and learn.

We have encouraged reading habits since infants to influence the love to reading. Babies also listen the stories and have access to books according to their age group.

At Cycle, we offer the best nursery in Santo André! Talk to us and schedule a visit to know closely the ambience.


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