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The Cycle School is a kindergarten in Santo André with a different and innovative proposal for teaching to childrens. Know our school bit more. We are the first school in the ABC paulista and the first kindergarten in Santo André to adopt the Going Google methodology teaching, which unites the maximum of innovation within the classroom, with the unique teaching methodologies.

The Going Google provides an interactive and fun study ambience that develops all areas of the students to the fullest. Cycle has always had a proposal to be an innovative kindergarten in Santo André and a reference in the education sector.

Through out methodology dedicated to learning from experience, we realize Hangouts with others institutions around the world, we have a virtual tours that take our students to various historical and tourist points and an interactivity never seen in any kindergarten in Santo André.

About our kindergarten and Methodology

Escola infantil em Santo André Cycle School escola integral em Santo André

Presently, we are reference of kindergarten and education in Santo André, where we prepare the students for the future, combining technology and nem innovative teaching methodologies for a kindergarten. We encourage students to make their own discoveries, whether in the physical ambience or through internet, to see that there is a world of knowledge to be explored beyond to drawings and games.

We are a bilingual kindergarten in Santo André and always seek the maximum educational innovation to prepare and enable all students to discover the world and to face new experiences and challenges with creativity and determination.

The Cycle kindergarten price for welfare

We at the kindergarten care about the welfare of all tour students and contact with parents. So we have spaces where parents and children can make video calls. The meetings in Cycle can also follow the same system, allowing flexibility and tranquility to parents.

Furthermore, the Cycle objective’s to enhance bilingual education in the english language, our kindergarten increases the exposure of the english language to students, thus encouraging quality teaching!

Come and visit the kindergarten Cycle

Come a visit and know all the innovation that only a bilingual kindergarten partner with Google can offer to childrens! We are located at das Palmeiras street, 308 – Jardim Neighborhood – Santo André/SP.

Provide to your children with the best kindergarten education, at Cycle we prepare our methodology with innovative technology and teaching! Know more about Cycle bilingual kindergarten.

The best kindergarten

Howard Gardner Theory of Multiple Intelligences is an alternative to the concept of intelligence as an innate, geral and unique ability that allows individuals to perform better or less, in area of practice. Gardner stands out that they all have many degrees of each of the different intelligences and ways in which they combine, organize, and utilize these intellectual capacities to solve problems and create products. While these intelligences are to some point independent of each other, they difficulty work in isolation.

What is a kindergarten

A kindergareten is the stage of development of the childrens that involves 0 to 6 years old, being considered the first part of Basic Education. The main objective of kindergarten is integral development of childrens, that is, the kindergarten encompasses not only cognitive development, but also physical and socio-emotional development.

This period is crucial in the lives of childrens, in kindergarten they acquire fundamental skills that will impact their adult lifes. So choosing, a nice kindergarten is care the future of childrens.

And we at Cycle School Kindergarten are prepared to take care of this important stage of development of childrens. Know more about our school and talk to us for learn more.

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das Palmeiras, street, 308 - Jardim Neighborhood - Santo André/SP


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