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In children education we focus on immersion un the english language and learning from experience.

Today the society is becoming more globalized and without doubt knowing how to speak a second language is essential. Furthermore to helping children learn.

The bilingual education at Cycle International School aims to enhance english language learning in school. By incresing the exposure time of our students to english language in children education, we take another step in the proccess of consolidating our mission, which encourage the formation of citizens of the world through quality education.

Broaden the communication capacity of our students by living with different cultures and people, allowing a greater understanding of the other and the world around them.

Knowing how to speak a second language during childhood helps children in many things, for example: memorization. Experts in children education says that learning a second language enriches learning and facilitates the english education.

During childhood the childrens can learn many words from a second language, furthermore to acquiring in some cases pronounces identical to the natives.

Bilingual Cycle School

At Cycle School the bilingual education happens with the childrens from the nursery. First, they begin to listen and then advance to the second stage, that of speech. “English as able to work better on childrens understanding. They comprise the world around them”, tell Susana Pereira, bilingual teacher at Cycle.

To conquer the second language in a similar way to the proccess of acquiring the motlher language. The students will develop abilities through a proccess of natural assimilation, intutive, unconscious, from the interactions with the classmates and the teachers.

We have the objetctive the develop listening comprehension in the english language. To use the english language as a verbal communication in the premise of the teaching and learning relatio, besides favoring the understanding of the way of living and seeing the world of natives of english speaking countries so that the students can premises parallels, detect similarities and differences between different cultures.

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